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Blood Orange Mimosa

Blood Orange Mimosa

Hey BonBon Rose readers, it’s Jackie Fo back again – this time sharing a super easy and delish cocktail perfect for brunch, Valentine’s Day or any special occasion!

We’ve all had an orange juice mimosa or two (or three!) but these days I’m personally loving the unique flavor of Blood Orange Soda. With a bright pinkish, reddish color and a deliciously tart taste, this is the perfect simple cocktail to serve at a party or brunch!

 A traditional mimosa is made with equal parts champagne (I prefer a Prosecco) and orange juice. So all you’ll need to do is swap out the orange juice for Blood Orange Soda and you’ll have a delightfully fizzy, pretty cocktail to sip on!

And if you have any Valentine’s Day supplies left, why not dress it up and let the love last all month?! I decided to serve it in a small mason jar with a striped straw and adorn with a festive ribbon. Sprinkle some heart shaped confetti around the mason jars for an added touch when serving.

Blood Orange Mimosa Blood Orange MimosaBlood Orange Mimosa

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  1. Thanks for this simple and lovely idea. It must keep this mimosa really nice and fizzy since you aren’t using plain old OJ. Plus I adore Sanpellegrino’s blood orange soda, so I will definitely be trying this!

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