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Healthy Food Options for Kids On-the-Go

When Jake, our oldest child, was born we were able to tailor our schedules to meet his every need. For the most part, we were home when he needed to nap and his meals occurred on his time schedule. Basically your typical overly doting parents. And then three years later we had Max….

Max is so eager to keep up with his big brother. He is often happily along for the ride during Jake’s soccer games, play dates and our family activities like this weekend’s annual fall apple picking. There is no set-in-stone time for anything. Rather, we are more flexible, often needing to feed him on the go. Thankfully all Max wants to do is be where his big brother is, so he is totally cool with it. However, for me this means being prepared with good, healthy food.

Brocolli Picking

We recently started using pouches as one way to do just that. With most meals happening at home so that he gets the full sensory experience that comes with self-feeding (feeding himself with a spoon, seeing the colors, etc.), pouches have been a great on-the-go solution. The new Beech-Nut organic Coldpurée™ pouches couldn’t have come at a better time for us!


Beech-nut uses their signature coldpurée unique cooking method with their Naturals™ and Organic™ jars, as well as their new pouches too! This means they start with real fruit and vegetables and blend them cold to protect the flavor and nutrients. Removing the air to seal in the freshness, the ingredients are then gently cooked to preserve natural color and texture. They are then scooped into their jars or pouches. Only Beech-Nut does it this way. I try his food before he does and it really makes a huge taste difference! Simply stated, it’s the closest option to homemade.

I decided to put these pouches to the “Max test” during an outing to a nearby farm. It was a busy day including apple picking and a hay ride. They even fed goats! Max was so thrilled to be included and experience a farm with his big brother.



But of course Max started to get a little “hangry” around noon. There is just no reasoning with a hot hungry toddler.



The Beech-Nut apple, sweet potato, pineapple & oat pouch came to the rescue. I found a little bench and handed him this new flavor. He ate the whole thing happily and then was back on his feet ready to go in mere minutes. That pouch definitely came in handy and let me multi-task guilt-free during an outing with kids at different ages and stages. The perfect reason to have a pouch or two in the diaper bag ready to go.

Family apple pickingThese pouches are available in Stages 1-3 and in several brand new flavor combinations. You can use this store locator to find where they are sold near you.

Disclosure: Take Time For Style is thrilled to be partnering with Beech-Nut again in 2016 as brand ambassadors. This post is sponsored by Beech-Nut, however all opinions expressed are our own

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