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Perfectly Pear Champagne Cocktail

While I don’t get to entertain as much as I used to, I’m a firm believer in greeting guests with a festive cocktail when they walk through the door. Typically I vote for only planning to start the party with a specialty drink. You can easily switch to beer and wine but something about starting off with a cocktail just gets the party going. This pear champagne cocktail is a great way to celebrate fall flavors. The bubbles also balance so well with the delicate tastes of pear. It’s easy to make and will still make your guests feel so special when they are handed one with a pretty sugar rimmed glass.

Pear Champagne Cocktail

Pear Champagne Cocktail

Champagne or Sparkling Wine (we’re both big fans of Prosecco!)
1 pear for slicing garnish
Pear puree’ or pear juice from a can (Many of us have a can of pears in syrup in the pantry. That will do!)


  1. Slice the pear into thin wedge slices and set aside. Using one of the wedges go around the rim of each glass so that a little of the juice will stick to the glass. Dip the glasses upside down onto small plate of sugar so that they are sugar rimmed.
  2. Place a pear slice into the bottom of each glass.
  3. Place about 2 tbsp. of the pear puree’ or juice in the bottom of each glass.
  4. Carefully top with champagne or sparkling wine making sure not to let it bubble over and spoil those pretty sugar rims.
  5. Serve, sip and enjoy!

Perfectly Pear Champagne Cocktail
Perfectly Pear Champagne Cocktail
Pear Cocktail Glasses

How easy is that for a festive cocktail? I think it just sets the tone of the event as seasonal fun. Hosting doesn’t have to be scary and I think all your friends will enjoy just being invited. One perfect cocktail, one home made dish and everything else store brought will often do the trick and take away much of the stress.

And for more cocktail inspo, take a look at our apple cider mimosas!

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