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Three Tasty Halloween Treats

We moved into a new home a couple months ago and have been hard at work making it our own. While my family has been over helping us with various house projects, we haven’t hosted them for a party yet. Luckily, Halloween is providing us with the perfect occasion to have them over for a little celebration. And while I’m thrilled to be hosting Halloween this year, I’m going to have to stick to fast and easy treats because, as you know, Halloween is landing on a school night which means I don’t have all day to prep for our party. I basically have a couple hours between school pick up and guests arriving. On that note, I’ve been going back through our archives looking at some of our old Halloween recipes that won’t take me a ton of time to whip up. I thought you might like to see some of my favorite Halloween treats too too!

Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

halloween popcorn mix

Halloween Popcorn Mix…I plan on serving this decadent treat with wine to the adults who stay at the house while the others are out trick or treating! The dark chocolate and dried guava add unexpected flavor to our popcorn mix! And the colors make it Halloween ready.

halloween marshmallows

Halloween Marshmallow Pops…I’m a big fan of anything that does double duty and this cute and easy marshmallow pops could easily serve as a centerpiece. I think I’ll put swap out the glass for a mason jar this year as my dining room has a decidedly farmhouse vibe.

pumpkin bourbon milkhake

Pumpkin Bourbon Milkshakes…Ok, this is another treat for the grown-ups. Hey, we love Halloween just as much as the kiddos do. So, you can bet I’ll be serving  up these tasty confections to all the ‘rents partying with us this year. And Hocus Pocus will be playing in the background as we sip our boozy shakes obviously!

So, as you plan your own Halloween celebrations this year, I hope you’ll try out one of our quick and easy Halloween treats! They’re delightfully spooktacular!

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