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Easy Sangria Anyone Can Make

Lolea Sangria

I know I’ve promised to share any of my good solid finds with you all my lovely friends. It is not something I take lightly! I mean if something is GREAT then you need to know, otherwise I’ll kick myself in the pants for not sharing. I mean after all, what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t help each other out?!

Well my new recent favorite find is an easy sangria that’s ready to go, Sangria Lolea. Have you heard of it? I found their Sangria Lolea mini  in these cute red and cream polka dot bottles at Whole Foods and picked a few up. They already come ready to pour and each mini bottle serves one good size glass of sangria.

Easy Sangria

I just cut up some fruit I had on hand, filled up a large wine goblet with ice and poured it in. It truly was easy sangria that anyone can serve! I also was surprised because I really likes both the white and red Sangria Lolea! I was expecting to have a preference but both we’re equally delicious, had a touch of fizz and were delightfully refreshing.
Red and White Sangria

These would be so cute to package together and bring to a friend as a gift or serve with cute straws at a BBQ. You could even create a make your own sangria bar and have different fruits out for garnish. At the Whole Foods location where I found them, each one was $5, which I also thought was a great price point. 

So who’s ready to mentally take a trip to Spain and sip on this cute easy sangria?! Have you already discovered these cute mini Sangria Lolea bottles or have another great find to share with us? Don’t hold out, leave a comment and let us know!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I just really love sangria, cheers!

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