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Personalized Gifts for Kids from I See Me!

Jake Puzzle

Not only do Megan and I run a business together, we’re life long best friends too which means our kids were automatically required to be friends at birth. Haha! Good thing they love each other as much as we hoped they would! The dual family vacay we took last summer solidified that. Now they’re forever wanting to know when they can visit each other next. In fact, just yesterday the lil’ lady bean asked if she could go see Megan…like that night. Haha! It’s too bad more than a 1000 miles separate us. Le sigh.

So, until our next family pow wow, the kids are staying in touch by sending each other photos (the dude loves to share his visits to Disney and the Aquarium with his buddy Jake) and little trinkets to let them know they’re thinking of each other. Ok, their mamas have a little something to do with the present sending. Bwah!

Jake Happy

Jake Peices
Jake Puzzling

Jake and Max, for instance, were recently on the receiving end of some darling personalized presents from I See Me! that my kiddos helped pick out for them. Much like Megan and myself our kids love anything that’s personalized. Well, Max might not have an opinion about that so much yet, but someday I’m sure he’ll appreciate seeing his name on this darling Peek-A-Who board book. Haha! In the meantime, we know how much his big bro Jake loves playing with his My Very Own Trucks Puzzle…A LOT!

Max Mee Book

Mommy and Max

Max Book

So, the next time you have a little one to shop for, I highly suggest you check out I See Me! You can’t go wrong with one of their personalized books, puzzles, coloring books, stickers…I could go on and on!  To stay updated with the latest from I See Me!, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. We did receive samples. 


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