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Tips for Getting Great Photos with the Easter Bunny

We all love getting those classic shots of our kids with Santa, but what about the Easter Bunny? Have you ever headed to your local mall to get their photos taken with the Easter Bunny? I’m all for any excuse to capture my babies’ photos and it doesn’t get much cuter than the Easter Bunny, or Pete, as my daughter calls him. She thinks all bunnies’ names are Peter Rabbit and she has affectionately nicknamed the number one bunny Pete. She’s too much, but I digress…I thought I would share a few tips for how to get great photos with the Easter Bunny in case you do decide to pay him a visit this year!

bunny pics

1. Make sure your little ones are good and fed. Hungry kids turn into hangry kids. At least mine do. If it’s not time for a meal right before you head over to the mall for your pictures, make sure you have snacks in your bag that you can turn to in a pinch.

2. Coordinate the kids’ outfits. I’m not saying you have to go all matchy matchy with it, but coordinating looks with colors that don’t clash make for a prettier picture. That doesn’t mean you can’t go for a little print mixing action. And don’t forget the props. In this case, bunny ears are the way to go!

3. Follow their lead. Kids will tell you when they’re done. Believe them. Don’t keep trying to get the perfect shot, because you’ll only end up with tears. A cute candid shot is so much better than a crying one, even if they aren’t looking at the camera! On that note, don’t force the photo sesh either. My son was not into getting his picture taken that day so his little cousin pinch hit for him. Haha!

easter bunny

easter bunny house

easter outfits

So, are you planning on paying a visit to the Easter Bunny this year? If you live in the Tampa Bay area, make sure you head over to International Plaza! They have a darling little area set up called Bunnyville and, as you can see, it makes for some darling photo opps! But don’t delay…The Easter Bunny will only be at his home in the Grand Court area until April 15th!

easter bunny photo

This is not a sponsored post. We did receive complementary photos.


  1. Liz Mays says

    Wow, they had a really nice flowery set for photos! I love the pictures! Keeping the kids happy definitely helps make for some better pictures!

  2. Rebecca Bryant says

    Wow, great tips. I always take bad pictures and my son hates to have pictures taken these are great tips on both sides.

  3. Shauna says

    This is so helpful. My mom is coming up to visit and mentioned a trip to our mall for the easter bunny. I’m not sure but I think my daughter will like it this year.

  4. Christine says

    Your picture did turn out awesome. Is it weird that I have no desire to take my kids to see the Easter bunny? I kind of think it is the oddest costume. At least Santa is a REAL person.

  5. Sarah says

    We haven’t attempted Easter Bunny (or Santa) pics with our girls yet but I will keep these tips in mind when we think they’re ready. I love that you acknowledged it’s not worth forcing the pic!

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