A Few Sweet Easter Treats

With Easter coming up in about a month, I thought you might be ready to start getting into the Easter spirit like I am. If you’re read my holiday posts before, you know that I love celebrating any and all holidays the entire month leading up to them. My kiddos are just as holiday obsessed as their mama, so I have a blast surprising them with festive crafts and treats focused on the holiday at hand….and since the holiday nearest in our sights is Easter, I have simple and sweet Easter treats on the brain!

And I bet I’m not the only mom who puts her party hat on early when it comes to holidays, so I thought I would share a few of our favorite sweet Easter treats to get you going. You could wait until Easter weekend is upon you to make them, but why not serve up a few fun surprises to your family before then?

sweet Easter treats

Easter Bark: If you’re a chocolate lover…This candy bark is for you! Not only does it have loads of white chocolate, but it boasts chocolate chips, M&ms and Cadbury Chocolate Eggs too. I mean is that a chocolate coated dream or what?

easty candy bird's nest

Easter Candy Bird’s Nest: I’m game for krispie treat anything and these krispie bird’s nests are too sweet not to try. Am I right? Plus, they’re the perfect Easter treat to get the kids involved with. Our little ones just love choosing which “egg,” otherwise known as jelly beans, to put in their nests!

easter carrot treat bags

Easter Carrot Treat Bags: Looking for a less candy heavy treat? These super simple DIY treat bags look just like carrots, yet hold a sweet and healthy treat inside. Try filling them with some form of orang colored dried fruit and, I daresay, you’ll find your children scrambling to rip open their “carrots!”

So, there you have it…Three easy and sweet East treats! Happy celebrating!

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