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Wardrobe Staple, Slip-On White Sneakers

White Sneakers

I’ve been wearing these converse slip-on white sneakers pretty much non-stop lately. Now that we have moderate temperatures they have become the ideal transition between my riding boots and summer sandals. Plus, the boys have all kinds of sports starting up so I’m on the sidelines in casual gear more than ever. What could be more perfect that throwing on a slip-on sneaker on my way out the door?

Slip-On White Sneakers

Well I recently wore them to meet friends out for a playdate and my girlfriend heaved a huge sigh when she saw me. It was a friendly sigh, and she then went on to say that I somehow was right on trend. Um come again? Apparently she had been in New York for work and saw everyone wearing white sneakers. She was on the hunt for the perfect pair herself now that this casual style was becoming a wardrobe staple. For me it was a lucky coincidence since I am just kind of a converse addict. They are one of the few slip-ons that work great for really narrow feet. I love when something I adore becomes trend worthy. No effort needed! But I thought I would do my friendly duty for her and round-up all my favorite white slip-on sneakers.

And why should she be the only beneficiary of this round-up? Here are all my favorite slip-on white sneakers for you guys to shop from too. I’d love to hear what you think and if you’re loving white sneakers this season too! And who knows, you may just catch me on the sidelines of the soccer field or side streets of New York wearing the same kicks. I love that they are just that versatile!

White Sneakers

So many cute options right?! I think I may need a few more pairs!

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  • Gina Briley

    I’ve been wearing mine more and more lately. Love it when I’m on trend by complete and total accident!

    March 9, 2017 at 11:57 pm Reply

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