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Summer Stitch Fix Try On and Unboxing Video

Yes that’s me balancing a Stitch Fix box on my head. What can I say? Having fashion delivered to my door makes me giddy and encourages me to do all the silly things. In this summer Stitch Fix Try On and Unboxing video, I’m showing you up close and personal what worked and what didn’t. I love seeing what comes in everyone else’s box, so why not give you a peek into mine?!

Summer Stitch Fix Try On

These gold earrings were fun and so my style! I just wasn’t ready to spend over $30 for them since they weren’t really a need right now.

Stitch Fix Black Tank Top

As you can see in the video, I was really wanting to love this black top. I like the unique feather print and I truly wear all my black tops so I never feel bad about investing in a new one. Sadly, I felt like this fit on me wasn’t great and wasn’t cut for my proportions.

Stitch Fix Pink Shorts and Top

This outfit was a fun surprise. These shorts had me going WHOA at first glance. They are bright! Once I put them on and paired them with the white embroidered top I really loved the look. I ended up keeping both and you can see the full look here styled for summer. I’ve worn the two pieces together twice now and been very happy with keeping them!

Summer Stitch Fix Try On

This Moto Jacket was a tough decision. I really wanted to keep it since I’m a sucker for all of these types of jackets. But truly it was a little snug and I’m trying to make myself only keep items that fit just right. Maybe next month will have me trying on a similar style in a better fit for me. Here’s hoping!

Let me know what you think. Do you think keeping the pink shorts and embroidered top were the way to go? Also, if you have any Stitch Fix reviews of your own make sure to leave a link in the comments. I love seeing what you get too!

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