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Holiday Shopping at Queenstown Premium Outlets

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I like to go holiday shopping and try to find the perfect gift for several people on my list at once. Time is of the essence this month! Last Friday school was out and I decided to take both my little guys with me to do some holiday shopping at Queenstown Premium Outlets. This Simon Center is only about 25 minutes from my house in Maryland and I tend to go several times a year. It’s hands down my favorite shopping center in my area. Just look at all the great finds I discovered throughout our morning!

Holiday Shopping at Queenstown Premium Outlets

Outlet shopping is a great way to check off so many people on your list AND find great deals. We had a blast and these boys were troopers and lasted a few hours. Pretty great for my guys! They also have several events happening in December including a strolling Santa, Harmony on the Bay carolers, and the ULTIMATE outlet holiday sale. Check their calendar for a full listing with dates.

Holiday Shopping at Queenstown Premium Outlets

One of our first stops was the ShirtShack. This store had a wide range of fun shirts, beach items and Maryland gear. Max found this cute ornament for Daddy!

Ornament from ShirtShack

One of our next stops was the Old Navy Outlet. There were just so many great deals! Jake saw this puffy vest and fell in love. It’s funny, I haven’t seen him get that excited about clothes in a long time. So of course I had to let him buy it. We’re practicing how to interact in stores with cashiers, waiters, etc. so I gave him money and let him go to the counter while I watched. He did great!

On the Old Navy Outlet vest went immediately! And we found a warm snack. Three cheers for Auntie Anne’s pretzels!

Auntie Anne's

Next was Columbia Outlet Center. My husband only asked for one thing for Christmas and it was a fleece. He’s pretty easy going, ha. In addition to playing mannequins, we found a great selection of fleece and had fun picking out two different colors.

Playing Mannequins

Columbia Factory Store

We explored a few more stores including Under Armour where we found something for Uncle Grant, Kay Jewelers Factory and Tommy Hilfiger. Then these guys were ready to get some giggles out on this cute train ride. 50 cents well spent!

Outlets Train Ride

Next up, Loft Outlet. I could have spent hours in here. There were fabulous accessories and I fell hard for a faux fur stole. I think I’m going to go back for that one!

Another store that makes me giddy every time. Kate Spade New York! They had so many items marked to great sale prices. It made it easy to shop for a few special ladies on Santa’s list.

Earrings from Kate Spade

The Gap Factory and Gap Kids Outlet was another merry stop. I had been on the hunt for Christmas jammies. The boys were thrilled with their “Santa Jaws” find. They have already been worn twice!

Feeling the love at Gap Factory!

The last and final stop of the day was the Book Warehouse. And man I fell hard for this store. I had never been in and it was so charming with several authors that I haven’t seen in small stores before. I managed to discreetly buy several books for Jake and Max and even a few for our book loving nanny. Perfect!

Book Warehouse

Tips for Outlet Shopping With Kids

Wonder how I survived shopping with two little boys at the outlets? Here are my go to tips!

  1. Take breaks – Kids can only shop for so long without going wild. Take a break to have some fun. Whether it’s with a fun ride or a quick game of Simon Says outside, just get the wiggles out.
  2. Snacks – Keep everyone’s energy up. Stop for a snack like Auntie Anne’s or pack a few snacks in your purse. These are instant mood lifters!
  3. Give them some responsibility – Whether you give children a specific item to look for, a few dollars to spend or some other “job”, having a sense of responsibility will keep them focused and more patient.

Holiday Shopping at Queenstown Premium Outlets

Have fun shopping and check out the Queenstown Premium Outlets for more information or to find a Simon Center near you.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are our own and we truly love shopping here throughout the year!


  1. Lois Alter Mark says

    I’m a total sucker for outlet malls and this one seems like it has everything going for it! So glad you were able to find great gifts for everyone on your list while still having a fun time with your boys. Couldn’t be better!

  2. Stephanie says

    When the weather is nice and we “need” to shop, we always hit the open air malls. It makes shopping during the warmer times of enjoyable for the entire family.

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