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Fruity Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule IngredientsAlright I’m jumping in on this whole Moscow Mule craze. It is officially on! Have you been joining in the Moscow Mule trend yet? I have yet to go all out and buy the copper mugs but they are clearly happening sometime soon! They were everywhere at the holidays and honestly, I thought I was going to get them as a gift from my Mom or hubby for Christmas. But nada. Guess I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands.

Traditional Moscow Mules are served with limes but I decided to take a different approach with the Smirnoff version and turn it into fruit filled version. The taste was delectable and this Fruity Moscow Mule was so easy to whip up, it is definitely my new quick go to!Smirnoff MuleHere’s how I made this Fruity Moscow Mule.

1 bottle Smirnoff Ice, Moscow Mule
Bowl of sliced fruit. I used oranges, grapes and strawberries
Glass filled with ice
Thyme for garnish

Directions: Fill glass or copper mug with ice. Pour Smirnoff Ice, Moscow Mule over it. Top with several sliced of fresh fruit. Add a sprig of thyme. Sit back and sip!Fruit Moscow Mule AboveThat’s really all there is to it! Have your friends over and watch as everyone enjoys. Fruity Moscow MuleIf fruity cocktails are you’re thing (I mean hello, who doesn’t feel that way???) try this Strawberry Orangetini Cocktail. I’m sure you will like it just as much as our Fruity Moscow Mule!cocktail3

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