Weekend Worthy Milkshakes, Floats and Frozen Treats

If there is one thing us girls here at Take Time for Style love, it’s a boozy shake. That goes double for our husbands. They actually help us quite a bit with our business and they’re always happier about it when we serve up a tasty treat while we’re workin’. Haha! And boozy shakes just so happen to be our speciality, along with various other forms of milkshakes, floats and frozen treats. So, since it’s the weekend, the perfect time to treat yourself, I thought I would round up some of our favorite oh so sweet recipes, some boozy and some that are perfectly ok for the kiddos! And away we go…

strawberry rum milkshake

Strawberry Rum Milkshake…This crowd pleasing shake is first because I can’t think of a more perfect milkshake for this time of year. And you can certainly leave the booze out of this if it is going to be served at a family friendly affair, but my favorite way to enjoy it is in its adult form. Bwah!


Black Cherry Cream Float…Now this treat is the opposite from the first one. It doesn’t call for alcohol, but you could definitely add it if you wanted to. It’s just a fun take on an old fashioned soda float. I’m all for a nice root beer float, but there’s something so fun about mixing things up. Plus, the black cherry’s pink is so pretty. You know how we’re a sucker for pretty around here.

pineapple popsicles

Pineapple Popsicles…Like with everything we’ve featured today, this is a recipe that’s perfectly adaptable to, you guessed it, liquor. Megan made versions with run and without and they were both delightful, so it’s up to you to pick your poison. I bet you can guess which one I would go for, but I digress. You can’t lose either way!

So, whatever you have planned for the weekend, we hope these sweet milkshakes, floats and frozen treats make the next couple of days a little more fun!

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