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Metallic Sandals Must Haves

You’ve probably noticed that this girl kind of has an affinity for metallic sandals. Take my go-to metallic gladiator sandals for instance. I have rocked those bad boys with everything from maxi dresses, to skinnies and even boyfriend jeans! Their metallic nature makes them oh so very versatile and, thus, easily dressed up or down. It’s why I tend to turn to them season after season. That being said, it’s probably time to add some more metallic sandals to my shoe family and, while I’ll probably stick with another gold pair, because gold just goes so well with my favorite colors of the season like white, cobalt, turquoise, coral and whatnot, I think I might also try to snag some rose gold sandals as well. I have my eye on the rose gold iPhone 7 (Megan already has it, but I’m not jealous or anything…) and until it’s time for me to upgrade my phone, I do believe a new pair of sandals will satisfy my rose gold craving. Bwah!

metallic sandals

Since, you’ve probably started to think about your summer style as well, I thought I would round up some of my favorite metallic sandals for the season ahead in both gold AND rose gold forms. You really can’t go wrong with either metallic, so if you only need one more pair of sandals to round out your summer wardrobe, I don’t think you’ll regret either purchase. And if you’re like me and are jonesin’ for a couple new pairs of foot candy, why not go for both shades? How about a pair of heels and a pair of flats. Then you’ll have all your bases covered. Shhhhh…We won’t tell. Haha!

metallic sandals for summer

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