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How to Save at CVS and Our Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

Most of us love to save money whenever we can. I know I do! And sure, I aspire to be one of those organized women with all the coupons ready to go in a neat little binder, the reality is that often I’m popping into a store in between school and activities with wild kids running amuck. The sight is just not pretty my friends. Which is why I did a happy dance when I discovered two ways CVS has my back and is saving me money.


How to Save Money At CVS

I’ve mentioned my love for the CVS Pharmacy app before and wow, it’s just so great. It’s this simple. Once you download the app, upload and store your ExtraCare card information. Each time you open the app, all of your coupons are right there waiting for you in the Deals and Rewards section. And if you sign up to receive push notifications with your location on, as soon as you walk into the store you will receive a notification with all your available coupons. It’s SO easy!
Placing CVS Curbside Order
And if you haven’t downloaded the app yet (although really why wouldn’t you?!) there is another way to instantly save. It’s the CVS Coupon Center. All you have to do is walk over to the machine, enter your phone number or scan your ExtraCare card, and out pop your coupons. So simple and makes finding your savings easy.

CVS Coupon Center

This weekend, I used my ExtraCare coupons to help me create a Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit. We are excited to be heading to North Georgia to spend the holiday with Kristin’s family. It’s going to be a “Friendsgiving”! So creating a Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit is one fun way to kick off our 10 hour ride.


How to Make a Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

Making a Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit has so many benefits. I find that presenting it just as we are loading up the car means we are starting with fresh happy attitudes. And by creating a kit of snacks, wipes and fun surprises, you will minimize the amount of times you have to do the awkward turn around and hand out items. The bin I used fits nicely between my two car seats and allows the boys to grab what they need or find new items to entertain himself until the next pit stop.

Gold Emblem Snacks

Gold Emblem Snacks

CVS is a great place to find supplies when creating your Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit. The items I included in mine were: CVS Gold Emblem Abound snacks including nut bars, hummus chips and sweet potato chips (all great for a snacking Dad driver too!), wipes, hand sanitizer, a travel first aid kit, lip balm, new colored pencils, circle word books and magic pen painting for kid friendly activities. I even scored some grapefruit sparkling water for me! Having these healthy snacks on hand makes it so much easier to turn a blind eye to some of the gas station candy.

Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

And of course I always use my CVS Pay on my phone app to scan my coupons and check out. It makes paying a breeze! Even when kids are tugging on me.

CVS Checkout with app

Are you hitting the road this Thanksgiving? If so, what would you include in your car kit?

Thanksgiving Road Trip Kit

Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about #BetterHealthMadeEasy and how to #FindYourHealthy. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


  1. Dawn Nieves says

    I love shopping at CVS and these are great ideas for a road trip! I need to make a basket like this for my kids on our next road trip!

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