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Afternoon Stroll on Peachtree St.

A few weekends ago Floyd and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia for the wedding weekend of one of our best friends.  The wedding was in Midtown Atlanta at the Georgian Terrace hotel on Peachtree St. This particular hotel is no ordinary hotel, but rather it’s known for its rich history and the fact that it hosted the premiere gala of Gone With The Wind.  You could almost feel the drama thick in the air!  It was easy with the historic architecture and candlelight to get swept up in the romance of it all.  It was a beautiful wedding and the setting was simply gorgeous!

BonBon Rose Girls: Georgian Terrace Hotel

A lobby view…

Georgian Terrace Hotel Lobby

The hotel sits directly across from the equally famous Fox Theater.

BonBon Rose Girls: Fox Theater

So, after taking in the beauty we decided to go for a stroll and do a little shopping.  A few blocks in, I stumpled upon Simcolifestyle, a sleek and modern furniture store.  In other words, my version of heaven!  I fell in love with this particular light fixture and think it would be fabulous in a high entryway.  Unfortunately at over $3,000, it was a bit out of my price range…

BonBon Rose Girls: Glass light fixture, Simcolifestyle

How great is that bed too!?

BonBon Rose Girls: Simcolifestyle

Next up we visited the Margaret Mitchell House.  This is the house where the famed author lived while she wrote Gone With the Wind.

BonBon Rose Girls: Margaret Mitchell House

And last, but not least, I spied this boutique, En Paris.  Knowing my passion for all things French it’s not terribly surprising that this shop caught my eye, however, it was surprising just how hard it was to narrow down my purchases!

BonBon Rose Girls: En Paris Boutique

BonBon Rose Girls: En Paris Boutique

BonBon Rose Girls: En Paris Boutique

BonBon Rose Girls: En Paris Boutique

These adorable goblets almost made it into my carry on…if only I wasn’t flying home.  Le sigh…

BonBon Rose Girls: En Paris Boutique

We did purchase some nursery artwork  Here’s a sneak peek, but you’ll have to wait to see which one.  Don’t you just hate when I do that to you, hee hee.

BonBon Rose Girls: En Paris Boutique

It was such a nice relaxing day together before “we” tore into wedding cake (ok, ok, it was me!) and hit the dance floor.  It was such an unexpected treat to get to leisurely explore a new area together, which I think made the day even more fun!  Have you guys had any unexpected special days recently?


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