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Best Beach Totes

Best Beach TotesIt’s May! And while normally that means glorious hot weather, here in Maryland we’ve had a weird streak of chilly gloomy days. Needless to say, two weeks later we are all going a little stir crazy. Luckily I’m headed to the beach in just a few more days and I’m day dreaming of warm sand and sunshine as I get ready. Of course no beach trip is complete without a great bag so I’ve been doing some serious research. Here is what I’ve found as the best beach totes for summer!

Eliza Gran straw tote – How amazing are those bright pink pom poms?! I am totally digging this great straw tote!

Lily Pulitzer Reversible Shopper Tote – I of course love all things Lily when planning a sunny getaway, but this reversible tote pulls double duty from a bright blue to gold. I’m so ready to be strolling along with it on my shoulder!

Red Stripe Tote – This tote is both bold and sleek while also working for the beach or office. I love all that versatility. The red feels very classic Americana so throw on some jeans and take it that 4th of July BBQ this summer.  It’s also a total bargain at only $44 which makes me think this is a must have in my shopping cart.

Sensi Studio Straw Bag – Is their anything more summery feeling than watermelon? I think not and these hand painted slices feel especially juicy! While this straw bag is a little pricey I love the unique factor and of course the awesome tassels!

Ice Cream Cone Bag – If you need a large and whimsical beach bag, this ice cream cone number from Target is perfect. The rope handles are so fun and it is sure to get everyone on the beach drooling!

Of all these bags, I think I’m leaning towards the first straw tote for my upcoming trip! I can just really see those bright pink pom poms cheering me up after all this dreary weather. How about you, what’s your favorite out of these best beach totes we’ve rounded up?

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