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Black and White Striped Summer Dress

If there is one look that I keep returning to time and time again, its black and white stripes. You can see evidence of that if you look back through photo albums or even rifle through my closet. And this black and white striped summer dress is no exception.

Black and White Striped Summer Dress

Loft Black and White Stripes

This black and white summer dress is different than the others. I promise! What makes this black and white summer dress unique is that the contrast changes so that it is white on the top and black on the bottom. How cute is that?! What this does is create a super flattering effect that really draws in the waist. And lord knows I love all the help I can get in that area.

Black and White StripesWith hot spring and summer temperatures on the rise, a simple cotton dress is so much more than flattering. It’s cool. Literally! A flowy skirt on this little number means comfort while dining and playing outdoors. And after a long winter I plan on doing A LOT of that!
Loft Black and White Stripes
Another reason you often find me in black and white stripes is that it takes such little time to style a look that pops! Here I added a pair of wedges that I’ve had for ages (a black wedge just never seems to go out of style does it?), a black and gold leather clutch, and orange fringe statement earrings. I’m adding bright lipstick to my looks more and more lately. I went through a long period of neutral make-up and I’m finding adding a bold lip gets a great reaction. People just smile at you more! Who knew?

Contrasting Stripes

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