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The Perfect Winter Mom Uniform

This winter has caught all us here in the sunshine state a bit off guard. We usually get our cold snap a bit later in the year and there have been a few now that have brought us to or near freezing temps. And while we are, admittedly, not used to all this cold weather, it does mean that I've been ... READ the POST

Styling James Avery Jewelry for Winter

I'm a simple jewelry kinda girl, so styling James Avery Jewelry for winter was a dream come true. While I wouldn't throw a diamond out of the house, I most often turn to my favorite sterling silver pieces when it comes to everyday outfits. Because, while you can find me in athleisure more than I ... READ the POST

My Favorite Summer Finds

I recently returned from our annual summer trip to our family's vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and, as always, had a wonderful time. I tried to unplug as much as I could and really soak in every moment that I spent with my hubs and kiddos. This is our last summer before our baby starts ... READ the POST

Comfy Casual Spring Look

Comfy casual are two words that always sound like music to my ears. Add in a little chic action and you have my ideal spring look...comfy casual chic style! Spring is one of our family's busiest times thanks to baseball season being in full swing, so I'm on the run...a lot! And that means that I ... READ the POST

Monday Mingle: Comfy, Yet Cute Fall Style

As November draws close, I find myself wanting the comfiest of looks more and more. Comfy, yet cute fall style is most necessary this time of year.Thanksgiving pep will lead way to holiday shopping mania and mama needs to be able to run around tackling errand after errand without worrying about ... READ the POST

How I’m Wearing Boyfriend Jeans this Fall

If you caught any of our Moms Do Fall Fashion posts, you probably noticed that I styled the same pair of jeans for several of my outfits. I'm wearing these boyfriend jeans a TON this fall and that's because they're my new favorite pair and when I find something that's super comfy and that I feel ... READ the POST

Reworking the Denim Shirt for Fall

Can you believe that today is the last day of our Moms Do Fall Fashion series?! We've had such a blast teaming up with some of our favorite style influencers to bring you loads of fall outfit ideas and today is no different. We're concluding our series with the lovely Courtney from The Chirping ... READ the POST

Game Day Inspired Style

It's Friday which means tomorrow is favorite day of the week! Why is it my favorite day of the week you ask? Well, that, my lovelies, is because Saturday is GAME DAY...SEC game day to be exact. In case you didn't know, Megan and I went to the University of Florida and are Gator girls ... READ the POST

Summer to Fall Ready Looks

When I think about summer to fall ready looks, I always come back to one thing...moccasins. I gotta have 'em. In fact, I have Minnetonka moccasins in a slew of fun styles and, as is customary, I picked up a new pair to add to my collection during our family's annual summertime trip the mountains! ... READ the POST

Color Combo Crush: Black and Brown

Growing up it was drilled into us that wearing black and brown together was a no no. Such silliness right? When I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore most fashion "rules," apart from the rule of fit (which is gospel), wearing black and brown together was one of the first things I ... READ the POST