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Thanksgiving Appetizer Tray

Thanksgiving Appetizer Tray

Get out of my kitchen! Ok, I might not say that out loud, but surely think it when I’m trying to focus on making a meal with several dishes and there are little kids running around, grandparents trying to sneak tastes, and friends telling me the latest gossip. I love hosting, especially Thanksgiving, but it can be hard to focus with all that fun happening around me. Last year we had nine people under one roof for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. It was blissful chaos to say the least!

One trick I’ve learned is to strategically place appetizers and drinks in a space you want to draw people to. Β I like to do it in the family room so that everyone can relax and I only have a few people hanging with me in the kitchen. This Thanksgiving with both adults and toddlers in tow, I need to make sure there are easy kid snacks available in addition to adult fare.

This cute mail tray from Cost Plus World Market doubles great as a compact snack station. I love its vintage feel and that it can serve so many different purposes. Cost Plus World Market has so many great decorating items to choose from, it’s easy to set the Thanksgiving mood with plates, napkins, candles and more.

Oh and don’t forget the drinks! Cheers!

Thanksgiving Appetizer Tray


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