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The Best Smelling Body Wash

Are you the kind of person who instantly gets taken back to the good old days when you smell a particular scent? This girl sure is! Cucumber, for instance, makes me feel like a young college kid all over again every time I smell it. I had a favorite cucumber body wash way back when and whenever I smell anything remotely reminiscent of it I’m immediately transported back to those carefree days…

cucumber body wash

So, I’m obviously totally enamored with the Suave® Essentials Cucumber Agave Smash Body Wash. It’s a refreshing elixir of crisp cucumber and sweet agave with a touch of dewy rose. And I’m pretty sure you will be too as soon as you put it to the sniff test. Are you forever on the lookout for budget friendly, yet totally refreshing products to add to your morning routine? Who isn’t? Well, you’re in luck…because this is just what you’ve been waiting for!

suave essentials

Obviously I’m partial to the cucumber, but that isn’t the only Suave® Essentials flavor that’s striking my fancy. Amethyst Sunset is pretty darn delightful as well. And who would say no to Ocean Breeze? It’s a vacay in a bottle! There’s no reason you have to invest in premium brands to feel like you’re lying on the beach right? Right! In fact, Suave put some people to the sniff test and they preferred the Suave Essentials products to ones with similar scents! Watch for yourself…It’s kind of amazing!

So, who’s ready to try out these delicious smelling flavors for themselves? I’d send you mine, but you probably want your own right? Haha! Luckily you don’t have to break the bank to conduct your own which one smells the best test…You’re probably going to want to pick up both scents. A girl needs options. Just sayin’. Even my lil’ lady bean loves how they smell…You can tell which her favorites are!

body washes

Disclosure: I participated in this sponsored campaign for Suave® Essentials on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. carly says

    oh my gosh YES…scents TOTALLY remind me of times in my life. I wore a ton of Bath and Body Works when I was in college and anytime someone is wearing the lotion, that happens.
    I will have to try…the cucumber sounds DIVINE!

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