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The Good Life

Not too long ago, my fiance and I took some time to enjoy just being engaged. Wedding planning is fun, tough, exciting, stressful, busy…the adjectives could go on forever! But in the midst of the wedding planning madness – we decided to pause and enjoy just being the future Mr. & Mrs. and forget about everything else.

Ok – I admit we were staying at the hotel where we are getting married and we did research the area for our guests and scope out hotels, eateries, and activities. But when the work was done – it was time for fun in the sun with the love of my life. It was SO nice to pause and remember why we are taking this next step in our lives.

I must say – this has GOT to be the good life. How did I get so blessed as be on my way to marrying my best friend??? I have a very fond memory of sitting on our balcony at the hotel…enjoying the beachfront sunset…playing Rummy (our fave card game)…sippin’ strawberry daquiries…and listening to One Replubic’s “Good Life.” I paused for a moment and took a mental picture – a moment of engagement bliss that I did not want to forget.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day “small stuff”…but take a moment to breathe in the beautiful fresh air lovelies and be thankful for this GOOD GOOD life!

st. petersburg beach

My love…my life…my heart!

bloody mary

A beachfront spicy Bloody Mary! Oh my yumminess!

st. petersburg beach

Our incredible view…no words for this beauty!

So, who else is jealous of my sister’s getaway?!?

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