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The Weekend’s A Coming

I’m soooo ready for this weekend I can almost taste it.  Maybe that’s because I have super strength senses being prego and all, but to me it’s going to taste a lot like laying around and eating heirloom tomatos with basil.  Yum!

I love having a shorter week, but short weeks can be stressful too.  Everyone tries to cram in all their meetings and work in a shorter amount of time.  Which is why I’m thrilled that my Mom will be flying in tomorrow with her husband for a visit.  On our agenda is a baseball game and wineries, and, yes, laying around enjoying summer.  This tote from One Sydney Lane would be perfect for all my winery wine purchases, don’t you think?  I mean, come December I may need a lot of wine, ha!  It’s super cute and such a great weekend bag.  I hope you all enjoy yours!!

And check out the darling summer look Momtrends put together!

Megan Yarmuth

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