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Two Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

We’re always here to help you with your fashion dilemmas and the best way to do that is to show you multiple ways to wear a look. That’s why we love teaming up with our favorite fashion influencers so we can give you different takes on the trends we love. Today, for example, we’re partnering with Jo-Lynne Shane to bring you two ways to wear a jumpsuit!

jumpsuit look

Jumpsuits are a look that people seem to REALLY love or really hate. I’m firmly in the love group, but I understand why not everyone is. There is the comfort factor. Some jumpsuits are really hard to get in and out of. That’s why I’m a big fan of the kind you can easily slide down. Then there’s the whole is it actually flattering argument. If you’re legs aren’t a mile long and you don’t pick the right cut, your jumpsuit could cut short that whole lengthening effect that you’re after. Hence, why I tend to go for jumpsuits that almost have an empire waist. That leads me to my latest jumpsuit acquisition…It hits all my jumpsuit requirements!

jumpsuit 3 bead necklace

strapless jumpsuit

This tie dye print strapless number (similar here and here) is like wearing pajamas…apart from the strapless bra requirement of course. Bwah! By the way, Jo-Lynne rounded up some of her favorite bras if you’re in the market for a new one. Just sayin’. Seriously though, my new jumpsuit is ridiculously comfortable and the perfect length to wear with my favorite flat gladiator sandals (similar here), so that ups the comfort factor even more. The print is statement making on its own so I had to do little else but add my beloved African bead necklace (love this one too and it’s on sale) and trusty aviator sunnies.

Now that you’ve seen how I’m wearing my jumpsuit this summer, which I picked up at one of my favorite boutiques, The Treehouse, head over to Jo-Lynne Shane to see how she styled hers!

And for more fun summer looks check out our take on the cold shoulder trend!

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. It does contain affiliate links.



  1. I love the way jumpsuits look on other people! I can’t seem to pull it off. Maybe I need to keep looking for one that suits my shape.

  2. Jumpsuits look super comfortable, but I don’t care much for them as adult apparel. It’s just not my cup of tea. This one is super cute though.

  3. I just can not pull off a jumpsuit to save my life!
    Tried on close to a dozen of them so far this season and I left ever single one of them at the store.
    My kids love them but they just don’t work with my body type. 🙁

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