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3 Download Worthy Apps

Happy Memorial Day!  While we normally don’t get all go-go gadget on you, seeing that I’m always playing on my phone, today I wanted to share three apps that are definitely worth downloading.

1. Epicurious – With over 30,000 recipes, one of my favorite features of this app that makes it totally download worthy, is that it allows you to enter in ingredients you have on hand and will make meal suggestions for you.  I was also lured in by the Low-Fat and Low-Calorie recipes. No more sifting through the really good stuff and getting sidetracked, ha!  Plus, if you’re not feeling like a Top Chef contestant there are countless options for those, who in their words, “can barely cook.”

2. Mouth Off – Ok, kind of silly but really entertaining.  Especially if you a) have kids or b) have had too many cocktails.  This app gives you dozens of mouths to choose from and then moves as you speak.  That’s it.  But it’s really funny if you make your cat talk!

3) Pinterest – Ok this one is actually useful.  We all already love and adore Pinterest.  Their iPhone app allows you to pin things with your phone’s camera in addition to all the other fun stuff on Pinterest.  How sweet is that?!  I simply can’t get enough!


So, there you have it…3 of my favorite apps I’d hate to see you all go without.  Have you found anything fun I need to download asap?  Share it with me peeps!


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