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A Bite out of the Big Apple, New York City.

This past weekend I hit the road with some of my girl friends and headed to the bright lights of New York City. Our mission: To shop, eat, drink and laugh as much as possible. I’m happy to report it was a mission accomplished! And after a few grueling weeks it was soooo nice to take some time to kick back and relax. Although I think I am still recovering!

On Saturday night we ended up ditching the restaurant we had planned in favor of a stroll through Little Italy. There was a gentle breeze, and with strands of twinkle lights dripping across the street, it couldn’t have been more charming. We decided to hit up Caffe’ Palermo for dessert which very modestly boasts that it has the, “BEST CANNOLI ON PLANET EARTH!”  You have to bellow it just like that in a thundering voice, arms extended.  I have to say, I don’t disagree and I took a pic with the Cannoli King himself to prove it!

The Cannoli King

Meg Meets the Cannoli King!

On one of our many walks I spotted this amazing tile shop window and squealed! I always find the elaborate window displays in NYC so entrancing. We have nothing even remotely like them in DC.  I mean who would have ever even thought you could do this with tile?

Tile Wedding Dress

A White Tiled Wedding Dress

On Sunday after brunch at CraftBar (For any Top Chef fans that’s judge, Tom Colicchio’s, casual restaurant.  It was delicious and we got this little sweet biscuit to start that I am still thinking about!) it was off to Chelsea Market.  I had never been and while it’s not what I expected in that it is more organized and very clean, it does have great foodie shops to wander and get lost in.  While there, we indulged at People’s Pops for a treat. It’s a super cute small stop in the Market, and the best part is they are old school and actually use a giant block of real ice to make your shaved ice on the spot. Love it!

People's Pops

People's Pops Rocks!

Shaved ice

People's Pops Sour Cherry Shaved Ice, Yum!

But there I go burying the lead again. I finally made it to my mecca, ABC Home! After years of those glossy ads whispering to me from the pages of Elle Decor, I finally made the trek and girlfriend, it did not disappoint.  For anyone who loves home design this place is pure Disneyland.  It hosts a huge array of home furnishings, textiles and accessories, each level revealing itself to be different than the next.  I swear every time I turned around there was another table just oozing fun finds.  I could have stayed for hours (ok, I did!) and while I could have gone broke gobbling up all that incredibly stylish furniture, rather I tried to take inspiration and a few DIY ideas away with me.  Here are a few pics,although the lighting changed dramatically throughout, so I apologize that they’re not the best.  That and I was kind of distracted hee, hee.

ABC Home Storefront

The entrance to my heaven!

ABC Linens

An entire floor dedicated to linens.

ABC Housewares

Another beautiful display.

grey chair

I have the perfect spot for this chair, if only...

ABC fun chairs

Craziest chairs I have ever seen!

On further inspection these chairs are from the Italian company Moroso using a weaving technique.  Quite innovative but I’m not sure the neighbors would agree.

Bedding at ABC

Love this bedding!

Lucite feast for the eyes.

Le sigh…I’ll be day dreaming until my next visit!


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