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Fall Trend: Brocade Beauties

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope ya’ll had fabulous weekends! The hubs coming home definitely made my weekend brighter! I was in such happy spirits that I braved the heat and spent Sunday at Disney World. I’m not even sure why we bother even going into the park, however, the dude would be happy riding the monorail all day long. He is most obsessed with the “choo choo” right now! One thing is sure, watching my lil’ man has really helped me appreciate the little things in life!

Anyhoo, even though I do love little things like watching my son’s face light up over a monorail ride that doesn’t mean my passion for fashion has dulled. HA! I don’t know about ya’ll, but as we get further into August my longing for fall and the fabulosity that is its fashion continues to grow. I continue to be enamored with luxe and ladylike fashion. Case in point…brocade. Classic sixties fabric infused with modern twists can be found everywhere and this girl is lovin’ it. Again, I wonder why I’m not watching Mad Men yet. What’s my problem? That genre’s style makes me positively swoon! So, what about you lovely readers? Will brocade be making an appearance in your wardrobe?

tracy reese brocade dress

Tracy Reese Brocade Dress at eDressMe {This is the kind of thing you throw on when you want his jaw to hit the floor!}

elizabeth and james james brocade blazer

Elizabeth and James James Blazer at {I’m thinking an extra long strand of pearls and leather skinnies.}

juicy couture cherry blossom brocade shorts

Juicy Couture Cherry Blossom Shorts at SSense {Black tights and sky high stilettos would be so sexy with these!}

missoni qmo4

Missoni QMO4 at Zappos Couture {Be still my heart. One of these days Missoni will grace my bod. I would die to rock these with a simple camel shift!}

athleta om tote

Om Tote at Athleta {I’ve been wanting to take up yoga again. This uber pretty tote may be just the inspiration I needed!}

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  1. Jen says

    Oh, I am loving your selections! Particularly the shoes! I have a tough time rocking the brocade because I generally only do gold in small doses (my skin tone doesn’t look so great in it) and most brocade seems to be in gold. I’ve had this idea in my head though for a few years about a lovely brocade mini skirt in black, peacock blue/green and silver but have never been able to find something link that in my budget!

  2. Lulu says

    I could definitely add those shoes to my collection, but probably not the clothing items. Too busy for me.

    My little man is 10 months, I can’t hardly wait to take him to Disneyland; waiting until he is a few years to really enjoy it though. Not sure if his first trip will be more fun for us, or him!

  3. Valerie says

    This look is amazing, totally “grandma-chic” (one of my favorite looks). And those Juicy shorts are calling my name. I might have to answer.


  4. Christy says

    I love brocade! I have a pair of brocade heels that I’ve completely worn out, but I just can’t bring myself to toss them because I love them so much!

  5. Laura says

    I’m so glad you made it through the day at Disney! Did you know my little sister works there?? 🙂 She’s BELLE! haha.. But, riding the monorail all day can work too.. esp. when it’s miserably hot. I LOVEEEE that Brocade dress.. super super super cute. And that yoga mat bag would be perfect! i need to check that out asap!

  6. lisa says

    I love brocade! The nice thing about it is that brocade fabrics look so lush and luxe but the items themselves can be pretty inexpensive. I have a cream-and-silver brocade jacket I found at Target and it gets mistaken for a vintage gem whenever I wear it.

  7. Tights Lover says

    Can’t say I blame the Dude! I remember that monorail from when I was little and my parents took me to Disney…I think I was pretty captivated as well…hahaha!

    I can definitely concur. That dress did make my jaw hit the floor. I love it!

  8. Carrie says

    I really love the blazer and the shorts just below it as well. I’m not sure brocade is me…but I’ll sure have fun looking at it on others!

    Happy to hear your weekend was grand, my dear!


  9. Ellen says

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again and for the sweet comment – much appreciated. Your brocade picks are lovely! I especially like the yoga tote bag.

  10. The Owl's Closet says

    ure so lucky to live so close to disney world:) sounds like u guys had a blast! i love these brocade pieces! those shorts are gorgeous! i’m with ya, i would totally take up yoga again if i had the tote above! haha

  11. Simply Luxurious says

    I too am enjoying this upcoming fall season’s collections. The ladylike trend is something that resonates with me. Great finds by the way! Love those peep toes and that yoga bag – adorable! Have a great week!

  12. Mara says

    I absolutely love brocade! It’s stylish and sophisticated and so so pretty! That dress is amazing! I just need an event to wear it to and some money to afford it 🙂

  13. Heidi says

    Oooh, I love that black brocade dress. Stunning. If I just had somewhere to wear it; work and the gym won’t cut it…I’m in desperate need of a date night!

    And that yoga bag is super fun! My hubby bought me a nice, new yoga mat for Valentine’s Day (it’s ok, I asked for it!) and I’ve used it twice. Bummer! I should really get my rear in gear and get back to the studio.

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