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Easy Apple Snack with Nutella

Who doesn’t love a good snack? I sure do and I swear my kids would prefer to eat snacks all day instead of meals. Something we constantly work on. I just now serve them “snack plates” for dinner to mind trick them. I’m clearly winning at this whole parenting thing. Afternoon snack time though is something that should be fun. This easy apple snack with Nutella is a tasty treat and they can even get involved in helping assemble it themselves.

Easy Apple Snack with Nutella

I’ve had several friends ask me how I use Nutella. It seems as though all of us Nutella fans are always on the hunt for fun ways to use the yummy spread. Here’s my take on this apple snack with Nutella and how to make it with your children. Although be prepared for husbands, friends, babysitters to also grab a few slices. May need more apples…hmmmm….

Easy Apple Snack with Nutella

Apple Snack with Nutella

1. Slice up an apple or two.

2. Fill small bowls with Nutella, granola, sprinkles or other toppings that you choose or have on hand.

3. Give each kid a plate with slices. First have them dip into the Nutella and then either sprinkle on the toppings or dip into the bowl.

Note: One thing to note is that sometimes if the apple is particularly juicy, you may have to spread on the Nutella with a knife rather than dip.
Easy Apple Snack

This snack is what’s been getting my kids pumped lately. We sometimes even pull out a blanket and have a pretend picnic. Winter can be tough and all summer long I tend to just bring snacks on trays outside to our little picnic table. The kids really miss that right now, so a blanket or beach towel and some music to the rescue! That and a little Nutella with sprinkles doesn’t hurt either…Happy Munching!

This is not a sponsored post. We just snack a lot!


  1. sara says

    Yum, yum, yum!!! Anything with Nutella is tops in my book, but add sprinkles or rice krispies and you’ve gone above and beyond. My kids would love these!!

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