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Bedroom Furniture Gets A Fresh Coat of Paint

Our guest bedroom was feeling a little bare.  With a flimsy nightstand and no place to store clothes, we decided it was high time to do something about it.  Only we wanted to do something in time for Shelby to make good use of any furniture while she is here for the summer.  Knowing that furniture delivery often takes 6-8 weeks, and not wanting to break the bank since I have several other rooms to furnish (eek!), we opted for a DIY project.  The dresser and nightstand below were bought at a garage sale for $50.  Not too bad.  They are in good condition but looked REALLY dated.

To spruce them up, we first removed the knobs and primed the suckers.  We used a bonding spray paint primer that works fast and allows you to avoid having to sand down the furniture first.  In retrospect, I would say that good sanding before priming is the way to go to ensure a smooth finish.  Although, it’s hard to justify once you see just how easy the spray paint primer is!  It literally saves hours!! Please note the word bonding when purchasing your spray paint primer.  Otherwise, it won’t work and you will get a droopy mess.  Frowny face.

After two good coats of primer, we then used a paint sprayer (note: a paint sprayer is a machine that sprays the paint but is not spray paint, ha!) and painted them with two coats of black furniture paint.  It was our first time using a paint sprayer and it was a huge hit! It allowed for even strokes and was, again, a huge time saver.  We’re talking valuable weekend hours here people.

Finally, we replaced the knobs and pulls with silver ones from Home Depot.  I had originally purchased gorgeous glass knobs from Anthropolgie, but was never able to find a pull that worked with them.  So silver it is!

And voila, the after shots!  We think the “new” furniture works great in the room and the whole project came in at just under $100!  Now that’s my kind of easy fix.  You can see on the second drawer an area where I think the sanding would have helped, however, in person it is barely noticeable and I’m still not sure it would have been worth the trouble.

ps- For anyone who just caught my pregnancy announcement, don’t worry, I was not the spray painter in any of these scenarios.  Rather, I managed the painters (aka Shelby and Floyd) by inspecting the work afterwards while wearing a mask, ha!

Megan Yarmuth


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