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Champagne Saturday: Baby Bump!

Happy Champagne Saturday darlings!  I’m thrilled to announce that over the next several months there will be an absence of champagne from my Champagne Saturday posts.  That’s right, I’m pregnant!  Floyd and I are so excited and expecting a little bundle to join us in December.  Here you can see the beginnings of my baby bump in all its glory!

In addition to finding decent clothes that will fit around my growing middle, I’ve also got a great weekend ahead, with a girly dinner tonight and a bridal shower on Sunday for my dear friend Joni.  How about you all?  Any exciting weekends planned?  Dish it!



Also, a huge thanks goes out to Kristin!  In addition to my daily calls with weird pregnancy questions, she also has been working tirelessly on BonBon while I’ve had to cut down significantly.  Who knew just how early my new bedtime would be?  I’d be lost without her.  Thanks K!


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