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Champagne Saturday: Moz the Cat Gets His Drink On

Happy Saturday! Like the majority of the U.S., we’re expecting a sweltering day of up to 104 degrees here in Annapolis but not to worry I’m as cool as a cucumber.  It helps that my Mom is in town for the weekend and we’re off to a ladies lunch and movie to beat the heat. Of course we may have to include some shopping action on the side!

Last night we went for drinks on a roof top of a little Latin bar (can’t remember the name because they were just that good) and then headed inside for some Tapas at local restaurant Level. If you’re ever in Annapolis I highly recommend this adorable eatery that serves up all its dishes using ingredients fresh from local farms.  While there we had sangria with berries that are all locally in season, yum!

To celebrate our night on the town I’m wearing a little hot-pink number I picked up from Banana Republic last summer and then totally forgot about in my closet.  I love finding something new hiding in there, don’t you!  My shoes are Ralph Lauren and the beads are made out of rolled paper by the women in Africa , so neat!

Meg Champagne Saturday July 24

Paper beads from Africa

Moz, our rambunctious cat decided he needed a drink to chill out after his stressful week as well. Clearly he can’t handle his booze!

The Cat's Been Drinking

Hugs to Trend Wisely and 2 Bloggeristas for celebrating Champagne Saturday with us!


PS – No cats were actually drunk during the making of this post. We would never actually take photos of him when he’s drunk. He just gets way too crazy! And as always, if you would like to play along…Leave a link in your comment to a post where you’re wearing a fabulous outfit and drinking something delicious…Or it can be a post about something you would like to be wearing and/or drinking! We’ll add anyone who leaves a link to our post!


  1. Allison says

    Love that dress! You look absolutely stunning. I also love that necklace -a friend of mine from Uganda makes those, and I’m planning on starting an Etsy store for her soon to sell the beads for her so that she can pay rent/tuition for her kids. I love those pretty beads! 🙂
    The picture of your cat absolutely cracked me up!

  2. Lulu says

    You look fantabulous! LOVE the dress, shoes, necklace!

    It’s kind of a grunge weekend for me, we’re at the parents this weekend, a lot of lounging around, good eats, just having fun. I do think I am making sangria tomorrow though, yay 🙂

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Joanna says

    Love your dress – the bright color is so perfect for summer! Also love that pillow I spy in the background on your couch – so cute!
    Happy weekend!

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