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Champagne Sunday: Baby Countdown Has Begun

Champagne Sunday: Baby Countdown

Happy weekends lovelies!  I hope you are all enjoying this time before the holidays.  With only 3 weeks before my due date I’m trying to do all my Christmas shopping and get in some adult dinners and parties before baby. It’s a little hard when exhaustion and swollen everything feet come into play, but I’m determined to enjoy it.  Last night we went out to dinner in the Main Street area of Annapolis with friends.  It was so pretty and quaint with all the decorations lit up!  What have you been up to?

This will most likely be my last Champagne Saturday post for awhile, at least with actual pics.  And to see just how far the journey of pregnancy can take a girl, check out this post from a year ago.  Wow!   I’m definitely ready for skinny jeans and beer again, ha!



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