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Our Best Winter Cocktails

So, it’s officially my least favorite time of the year. You know that icky winter period after Christmas otherwise know as January. Bwah! As I’ve mentioned in the past I just love holidays that allow me to bake, decorate and dress for them and until February arrives with Valentine’s Day, there isn’t much of that going on. Actually, I may be doing a little pre-Valentine’s Day celebrating. There are too many heart day treats calling my name, haha! But if you aren’t quite ready to move onto another holiday yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it being, oh I don’t know, a hump day in January, with some winter cocktails.

On that note, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite drinks. It’s been a long week already and being that there are still a couple more days to get through before we make it the weekend, I do believe libations are in order. So, just in case you too are feeling the January blues, hopefully these tasty concoctions will help perk you up!

strawberry orangetini

Strawberry Orangetini…This is just the drink for you fellow citrus lovers. It’s delightfully fruity, without being too sweet! And it packs a punch…Fair warning! Haha!


Kissed Caramel Martini…This is one of those winter cocktails that can work as both an adult beverage and a decadent dessert course when paired with chocolate covered sea salt caramels for instance!

winter cocktails

Blackberry Moscowtini…Clearly we’re all about the berries. What can I say? I love berries in anything, but especially in cocktails! This unique take on the ever popular Moscow Mule is too fun!

And if you’re looking for even more winter cocktails, check out our boozy strawberry milkshakes…They always go down smooth! Ask our significant others, they ask for them on the regular! Just sayin’.

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