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Coming Full Circle

After two weeks on the road from NYC to LA, it is so nice to be back home in my own space.  I absolutely love traveling. The discovery of new places, people and food always excite me, let alone all the fun shopping (especially if Kristin is in tow)!  This double trip (no not in the double rainbow kind of way) was by no means any exception.

That said, a few days ago a friend asked me how I managed to always sound so chipper in my writing.  You see, she knew that ever since the first of January I have been burning the candle at more than just both ends, but from every possible angle.  Sleep was a thing of the past and in between work and blogging, I was trying to keep my head above water while seeing friends, family and perhaps squeezing in the much overdue highlight/mani appointment. To put it out there, I’m exhausted.  I know the reason I’ve been so busy is because I’ve been given so many great opportunities that I couldn’t possibly choose between any of them, so I’ve been scrambling trying to do it all.  Surely I’m not alone in this?  Right?

For now, I cautiously think some of the stress is behind me and after taking some long windy walks on the beach in Santa Monica, I’ve determined that the next few months are going to be focused on getting back to basics.  By that I mean hitting the gym, eating healthier foods, sleeping a minimum of 7 hours a night and perhaps even taking time to read a book or two (gasp!).  I’m excited to shift focus for a bit and share with you all as I discover healthy recipes, new gym moves and a little thing I like to call relaxation.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from last week’s stop in LA.  I am not exaggerating when I say I was there for the worst LA weather EVER.  Cold, windy and rainy.  It didn’t keep me off the beach or the surfers out of the water though, so all in all, life is good.  Besides, doesn’t that Hollywood sign just look like a Godzilla movie in the making, ha!  Stay tuned later in the week for Santa Monica finds!


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