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Mama Wants a Brand New Bag

Well, lovelies…This nasty bug still has a firm hold on me. I’ve barely moved off the couch in three days. The dude, in typical toddler fashion, is not taking much pity on his mama. He doesn’t quite understand that I feel like death warmed over. All he knows is that when he rips apart his Thomas the Train table…he expects it to be put back together yesterday. Where’s my nanny when I need her? Oh, yeah. I don’t have one. HAHA!

One good thing has come out of my battle with the flu…I’ve had time to catch up on all your blogs! So, that’s what my days have consisted of as of late…My best attempts at caring for the dude, surfing the ‘net and drinkin’ a whole lotta OJ. Speaking of orange juice…Is anyone else psyched about rockin’ orange this spring? I recently scored a gorgeous orange silk scarf from Meg Cohen and the color really spoke to me. Who am I kidding? I’m a Gator girl. Orange always speaks to me! And I’m thinking that I need a bag in this juicy hue to take me into the warm weather months. What do y’all think of these?

rebecca minkoff morning after clutch

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Clutch

kate spade new york essex natural scout

Kate Spade New York Essex Natural Scout

forever 21 date night leatherette bag

Forever 21 Date Night Leatherette Bag {BonBon Deal of the Day at $20.80}



  1. Amber says

    I love those bags – the orange is such a great color for the spring and summer. Need to show the Kate Spade bag to hubby for upcoming birthday!

    Hope you get to feeling 100% better soon!

  2. Maddy says

    I’m sorry you’re feeling icky, Kristin! Those toddlers just don’t get it πŸ˜‰ I hope you do get one of these gorgeous bags to makeup for the fact that you feel like hell at the moment! My fave is the Kate Spade one!

  3. Jules says

    Orange is a shade that I don’t wear enough. I have an orange scarf too. I need to find a way to work it into the old wardrobe. That Rebecca Minkoff bag is fabulous and I love that it can be a purse or a clutch.

    Feel better soon!

  4. Katy Mary says

    I love the Rebecca bag!! So pretty. I think I might be afraid of Orange, I have similar feelings about yellow but I could probably accessorize with both colors!! I hope you feel better soon, have you tried Emergen-C? drink 1 packet per day, It’s my go to for colds.

  5. Jennifer Fabulous says

    I looooove that Kate Spade bag, but I would settle for the F21 one. πŸ˜‰ It’s just as cute!

    I’m sorry you are so sick. My bf has the flu right now and I’m terrified of catching it. Sigh. Being sick just SUCKS. I hope you feel better soon, my dear. xoxo

  6. carrie says

    Ohhhh that Rebecca Minkoff is gorge!! Don’t mistake it for a glass of orange juice. hehe

    Hope you feel better soon. There are some pretty debilitating flus going around. Argh.


  7. Noemi says

    I am so sorry you are not feeling well, thank you though for visiting my blog and leaving a comment πŸ™‚
    I tell you I do love the color and the RM bag sings to me although normally I would love Kate Spade better however her bag just reminds me of my old school bag not that I did not like it but rather have something different…my kids are much older but I do have 13 nephews and nieces and my mom was always telling me about my nephew and his Thomas the train table/trains and how my nephew loved it! Hope you get back on your feet again real soon can not miss the lovely weather we are having here in Florida!
    β™₯ Noemi

  8. Dawn {The Alternative Wife} says

    Hell yeah! I LOVE orange! I’ll take them all, thank you very much πŸ™‚

    And so sorry to hear you have the flu. I had it 2 weeks ago. Was stuck in bed for 5 days straight and I seriously could not leave the bed. J would leave me two glasses of water on my nightstand every day before leaving for work so I didn’t die of thirst. Like I was a dog or something. LOL Couldn’t even imagine having to take care of a child. You poor thing. Sending you get well vibes πŸ™‚ xoxo

  9. K-Line says

    Oh no. It sounds like you’ve got what I’ve got. Sadly, I’m still muddling through and it’s been 10 days. The cough really takes hold so do whatever you can to rest for as long as you can. I basically lay around for 5 days and I’m still feeling meh.

  10. Cindy says

    The orange bags are GORGEOUS!!! I’m saving up for one particular bag… the Mulberry satchel. One day, hopefully! I hope you feel better soon (:

  11. Alex Elizabeth says

    Huge fan of both the Rebecca Minkoff and the Kate Spade (I was just in the store last week to see, it’s really nice and the leather’s sturdy, the RM leather is more soft and less structured).

  12. Tiffany Morrison says

    Man, sickness sucks. I think EVERYONE I know has been or is currently sick right now. This is the worst year yet! Get well soon mama.

    BTW…love the orange. Would be perfect for the workplace here at University of Tennessee πŸ˜‰

  13. Jenny says

    Feel better soon – kiddos never understand when you need some shut eye. I’ve been obsessed with an orange bag for a long time – love these picks!

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