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Daddy and Me Halloween Costumes From Chasing Fireflies

Skark Hallowenen Costume

I love Halloween! Sure mostly due to all the free candy, but now that I have Jake to dress-up and decorate with, the holiday has become even more fun. I also love the idea of the whole family getting in on the action, although this year with me being REALLY pregnant I will be opting for eating passing out the candy to all the trick-or-treaters while my boys dress up.  Jake is in that stage where he just loves all animals, especially sea life, so together we looked over all of the Chasing Fireflies sea creature options. I knew we had our winner when he saw and got excited by the Great White Shark costume that is only available from Chasing Fireflies. A shark Halloween costume? It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Plus, it’s the perfect costume to make Dad get excited about getting in on the action. A fun little fishing pole, hat, plaid shirt and cargo pants and Dad instantly transforms into a fisherman who has caught more than he can handle.

Daddy and Me Costume

Toddler Shark Costume

Daddy and Me Costume Daddy and Me Costume

This costume is so adorable and from the minute it arrived he’s been putting it on and running around trying to “get caught” by Daddy fisherman or “eat worms”. Gotta love that toddler spunk! Plus as a mom, it still has that sweet innocent factor that just makes me go all mushy and say, “awwww” every time I see him in it.

Toddler Shark Costume

Our neighborhood has some long driveways, so on the big night I think a wagon might be necessary. Some fun shiny blue fabric lets our shark swim his way from house to house!

Daddy and Me Costume

So, who’s dressing up with us this year? I bet your kiddos would love a shark Halloween costume as much as Jake does! Any fun group costumes in the works? To stay in the loop, connect with Chasing Fireflies on PinterestTwitter and Facebook!

Disclosure: We were provided with samples, but the opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Kimberly H. Smith says

    I live in a great family-oriented neighborhood and Halloween is huge for all of my neighbors. The streets are flooded with kids and adults in the most awesome costumes. One of our neighbors rents a train every year and everyone hops on and goes around the subdivision for a ride. Thanks for sharing! #SGBC

  2. eliz frank says

    What an adorable outfit. It looks skillfully made. I bet your son is going to have a blast wearing it in front of his friends.

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