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Easy DIY Artwork

For nearly two years our master bathroom has sat as a boring white shell.  So, when we finally agreed on a paint color I knew it was time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Here I am in our bathroom on moving day and no, I don’t know why I’m making such a strange face or what the heck I’m wearing.  It’s like I knew intuitively that it was going to be a while before this room got a front row seat on our To Do list!

After we painted, I realized just how much we really needed to get some artwork on the walls.  Sure, it was better, but it still felt bare.  Our walls were naked and not in a good way!  But I wanted any artwork to be affordable.  Like really affordable.  There are just too many pieces of furniture and summer vacation plans to budget for!  That’s when I remembered our 2010 Paper Source calendar.  I had purchased it thinking that I would repurpose the back side of each month, but at the time I just wasn’t sure how.  The colors and patterns were prefect for the room, and even better, they were free.  I then found square black frames with mattes at Michael’s.  They were originally $24.99 each, but luckily I bought them on sale for $12.50 each.  Knowing this a huge score I left, three frames in hand, for a mere $37.50.  The rest was so simple I can hardly believe it.  We narrowed it down to three patterns, cut them to fit, and then taped them to the mattes.  The result is a nice polished look for less, and a far cry from those boring white walls!

After we hung our calendar art, we were motivated.  So, to fill another blank bathroom space, Floyd printed out two of his photos from our favorite places.  Jamaica where we were married (bottom right), and Greece where we honeymooned.  The frames we had as left overs and the mattes were about $3 each at, you guessed it, Michael’s (what would I do without that store!). Now I have a gorgeous reminder of great trips to look at while I brush my teeth each morning.

Next up I’m hoping for some new bathroom accessories.  So tell me, what is your low budget solution to artwork?

Megan Yarmuth

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