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Designer Interview: Kimberly Hendrix

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to interview local designer Kimberly Hendrix recently. She is the beauty and brains behind the line k. hendrix, of which I am a HUGE fan! She is an expert at reworking vintage pieces into original designs, many of which have glorious sparkles galore. You KNOW how I feel about my sparkles don’t you?!?

k. hendrix

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to become a designer? I am originally from California. I say that because I have lived most of my life in both northern and southern California. Before moving to the east coast, I was living and working in Los Angeles. I moved there strictly to pursue my career in fashion. I had worked for many years as an interior designer with a vintage clothing store on the side and in 2003 I began designing and experimenting with sustainable products. I just loved recycling pieces from the past and creating without waste. I became very passionate about it and started my own line in 2007. The technical side of my designs comes from my mother and grandmother.

Does your personal style influence your designs? I really am a tank top, jeans and boots kind of girl, but I like a lot of bling too. I would say it is a little bit of my actual personal style and what I wish I could dress like every day. I think my personal style does though influence my love for imperfection in my designs.

Where did the concept for your current line come from? Although it is spring time in the stores, I am currently obsessed with my newest line for fall 2011. I love everything about it because I think it blends together my ethereal soft and feminine pieces with the edgier leather and metallics. It truly showcases my use of reclaimed materials and I think it will really surprise people to know that this entire collection was created from castaways. I have been thinking about doing a collection like this for a long time and I am very excited to see how it will be received. I am so happy to bring these green materials into a line aimed at actual production for stores rather than just one offs. Although they will always be unique pieces on their own…

Are you inspired by the Tampa fashion scene? To be honest, I am really not inspired by any scene, Tampa or otherwise. I find people inspiring and music and art and materials inspiring. I have never been one to create something I think will be on trend. I feel if I am going to make more stuff to go out into our world, it better be some really great stuff you cannot find anywhere else.

Where can we find your designs available for purchase? This fall 2011 collection is the first collection that will be a ready to wear collection and available through multiple boutiques. I am currently working with a New York showroom to expand and hope by September you will find k.hendrix in many of your favorite stores. For the current season, I did create a limited collection which is available locally at Penelope t. stores and also at Le Bra in Los Angeles. There will be more boutiques added over the summer and k.hendrix custom pieces are always available online. (

When you dream of the future for k. hendrix, what do you see? I am so excited about the future. I am excited about the entire concept of k.hendrix as a lifestyle brand and an eco friendly line. I love making beautiful things and it excites me every time I get a new customer. I started k.hendrix with a passion to create beautiful pieces women would want to hang on their walls not in the backs of their closets with every other mass produced item. I hope I get the chance to influence many women in positive ways with the success of my line. That is really what it is about for me in the end!

k. hendrix

k. hendrix

k. hendrix

k. hendrix

I want to thank Kimberly Hendrix for her lovely interview. She is a pillar of eco-chic inspiration! 

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