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Embroidered Sleeveless Sundress

A few months ago Kristin and I shared some of our dressing room selfies as we prepped for updating our summer wardrobes. One item I ended up purchasing is this Caslon embroidered sleeveless sundress from Nordstrom. I had never tried on the brand until that day and I found several things I really liked. I’d been meaning to then show you guys this embroidered sleeveless sundress in an outfit post and yet somehow the summer started slipping by. I did end up wearing it during my trip to Napa a few weeks ago and thought I could pull some photos together so you can see how it wore. There were definitely some pros and cons so lets break it down.

Embroidered Sleeveless Sundress

First the Pros. I think having a simple lightweight shift dress was perfect for a VERY hot day while traveling. It didn’t start out hot so it was ideal to pair it with my jean jacket and then once that mid-day sun kicked in the jacket came off. I loved being able to make that transition and felt like the embroidery still added enough detail to make it fun. Also, lets talk about dress pockets in general. They are so great, especially when traveling!
Meg Dress

However, on the con side of things I would say as they day wore on this fabric became sooo wrinkled. It was fine but I think for a long day like this I ultimately would have preferred to wear a fabric that wrinkled less. Also, upon further inspection I do think this dress makes my hips look wider than they actually are. It isn’t the most flattering dress style on me so I don’t think I would purchase it again. Although it gets an A+ for comfort factor so I will definitely wear it a few more times when comfort is key and maybe photos aren’t happening. This would be great for backyard BBQs!
Embroidered Sleeveless Sundress

I also think styling this embroidered sleeveless sundress was a cinch! I paired it with my red Sam Edelman sandals, an older wrap bracelet and my jean jacket. If you follow along on instagram, these sandals have been in heavy summer rotation and are just so comfortable and people always comment on them due to that pop of color.

Red Sam Edelman Sandals
Grapes and Wrap Bracelet
Embroidered Sleeveless Sundress
Wine barrels

That’s my take on this Caslon dress. I will definitely be trying on more of this brand on my next shopping jaunt. Have you tried it? What was your experience?

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