The Best Spot to Hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains

We’ve been vacationing in the Blue Ridge Mountains for years…I mean YEARS. And it wasn’t until our latest summer vacay in beautiful Clayton, Georgia that we discovered Black Rock Mountain, or the best spot to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains, as I’m currently calling it. We already have a slew of favorite hiking spots in that area like Tallulah Gorge and Anna Ruby Falls, to name a few, and while they definitely still remain favorites, Black Rock Mountain State Park offers a view that simply can’t be beat. I can’t believe it’s been mere minutes from our family’s vacation home this whole time. We’ve seriously been missing out. And that’s why I’m sharing our experience there today, because I don’t want you to miss this incredible hiking opportunity if you plan on being in the area!


black rock mountain hiking

black rock mounain hike

black rock mountain summit

So, here’s the deal. You have a few different trail choices when you get to Black Rock Mountain. You can go for the short(ish) Tennessee Rock Trail which is roughly a 2.2 mile route, and our choice as we had the kids in tow. Or you could make a day out of it and tackle the 7+ mile train. Or you could simply take the under mile route.

mommy and me hiking

* It’s important to note that at some points along the Tennessee Rock Trail the path gets pretty narrow and you definitely go pretty far up, so if you have physical concerns, I would consult your physician before attempting it and if heights are an issue or you have very small children, I would probably sit this one out. Otherwise, the payoff is huge! Get ready for beyond breathtaking vistas. It took us about ninety minutes to complete the whole 2.2 miles. And once at the summit, we were 3,640 feet up which delivered some incredible sights! All four of us were in awe. The Swenson family concurs that Black Rock Mountain is more than worth the sweat equity you put in to reach the summit! And if you don’t want to do the trail thing, you can always just drive up the visitor center to take in the view there.

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