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Festive Flats for the Holidays. Plus, Giveaway Winners!

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The other day I wrote a post on sequin bedecked heels in honor of my obsession with sparkle and some of you lovely readers requested a flats version. The same thing happened when I posted about bejeweled foot candy. Y’all really either love your heels or your flats. Anyhoo, ask…and ye shall receive!

I don’t discriminate when it comes to sparkle or shoes. I big puffy heart my sky high heels, but I covet my ballet flats just as much! I’m particularly fond of rockin’ a pair of blingy flats with jeans and a cardi. If I’m not making a statement with my jewelry…I definitely want to make one with my shoes, no matter what I’m wearing!

tory burch gitter reva ballerina flat

Tory Burch Glitter Reva Ballerina Flat

kate spade sequin ballet flat

Kate Spade Sequin Ballet Flat at

steve madden reecey

Steve Madden Reecey

charlotte russe patent toe sequined flats

Charlotte Russe Patent Toe Sequined Flats {BonBon Deal of the Day at $22.00}

forever 21 hollywood sequin oxfords

Forever 21 Hollywood Sequin Oxfords

Now, that you’ve indulged my addiction to sequins yet again, I think you’ve earned some giveaway winner announcements! The Moody Mamas winner is Project Gadabout! The Kate Spade desk calendar goes to Tamara Nicole of Memory Bean Designs! The Friedasophia Jewelry Design Gift Certificate Winner is Nicole of Frankie Hearts Fashion! And Melissa of Cheetahs in Training gets the E-Mealz prize! Congrats lovelies and thanks so much for being loyal BonBon Rose Girls readers! Email us your contact info when you have a moment, so we can get the ball rolling.


  1. Lacretia says

    Congratulations winners! I’m actually in the middle of writing a DIY sparkly glitter flats blog post so I’ll have to come back with the link for the DIY divas out there!

  2. patina says

    I own the glitter Revas and LOVE THEM! Sequins on flats….a mahvelous invention, for which my toes are eternally grateful, since they don’t have to be squeezed to death in uncomfortable shoes during all the holiday get togethers and festivities.

  3. Jude says

    The Tory Burch and Steve Madden are to die for! I would love to swan about in either of those for the holiday season (as much as one can swan about in flats!)

  4. MizzJ says

    Those Steve Maddens are my fave! I like the unique pattern of the sequins on the shoe and how it’s not as overpowering as an all-over pattern.

  5. Amy says

    I big puffy heart sparkly flats too!!!!! I’m leaving this post up on our desktop with a sticky note pointing to the Forever 21 oxford and a winky face for hubby.

  6. Daphne says

    I didn’t even scroll down further the minute I saw the kate spade flats. And was so happy when I saw the price was not outragous. I found them at zappos as well by the way (free shipping). Thank you.

  7. ag. says

    I’m not one for too many sparkles but I love the amount of ‘festiveness’ they add to these cute flats! Heels have been hurting me too much lately so these are such perfect options!

  8. Alexandra says

    Congrats to the winners .
    I like the Steve Maddens , they’re really cute . I like making statements with huge rings , but a hot pair of shoes won’t be avoided if it appears in my way.

    alexandra @

  9. Polly says

    Now that is exactly what I am in need of, it was only the other day I blogged about my need for sensible shoes….sequins are my kind of sensible!!

  10. Jules says

    It figures that my favorites are the most expensive, but I really do love the pair from Kate Spade and also the Tory Burch glitter flats. I think either of these would look so nice with your suggested jeans/cardi combo 😉

  11. Meghan says

    Want those Revas. I know you stopped by and saw that I want the snake skin ones, but can’t I have both? ; )

    Kristen, do you have a blog network that you know of in Tampa?

  12. Madeline says

    Once upon a time you couldn’t pay me to wear flats. Two babies and some sore feet later, you can’t pay me to wear heels. Oh, how things change. These are great!

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