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How to Let Yourself Relax on Vacation


Here we are halfway into a wonderful family vacation and I JUST figured out how to stop stressing and let myself relax on vacation. Better late than never right? Let me start by saying that as a woman who makes her living in social media it is very hard for me to unplug. I truly cherish my family and the quality time we spend together on vacations and the fact that I feel the need to stay plugged in has nothing to do with how much I appreciate them. After being in this industry for nearly eight years, being plugged in has become so second nature to me, I don’t know what to do with myself on an unplugged day. And as such, I’ve spent the first part of my vacation feeling so guilty that I can’t just let go and enjoy my family device free, until tonight…

It finally hit me. I just needed to take my own advice. For years, I’ve lived by an everything in moderation policy. I allow myself treats because I try to eat a clean diet most of the time. I don’t stress over not working out a day or two during the week because I make sure I log enough activity the rest of the week. So, why am I beating myself up over wanting to check my emails and keep my business in check. That doesn’t make me a bad mother. It certainly doesn’t make me a bad wife. A while back my friend Audrey from Mom Generations said something about “busy” not being a dirty word. And she’s right. If we thrive when we’re multi-tasking, why not allow ourselves to do so? Everything in moderation…Nicole from Momtrends and Vera from Lady & the Blog are two more women who I think do an amazing job at staying on top of things while showing their families how important they are to them…I can remember all them at various times speaking to what worked best for them and the common thread was letting go of the guilt trip we moms tend to lay on ourselves. If they can do it, so can I!

So, I am giving myself permission to take some time during the day to get my “house” in order. It’s ok if I send out some social shares or take a quick conference call. Doing so doesn’t mean I love my family any less. In fact, I know I will be so much more pleasant to be around if I’m not worried about things slipping through the cracks.

Now my everything in moderation policy might not work for you. Maybe completely unplugging regularly is what you need…and that’s ok too! It’s all about what helps makes you the best you! And staying plugged in is what I need to be the best me. That’s my top tip for how to let yourself relax on vacation. Now please excuse me while I go enjoy a nice glass of wine. Hey, I’ve been plugged in enough today. Haha!

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