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In Praise of Ponchos

You may have noticed a dominate theme regarding my fashion posts this past fall and now winter. In fact, I posted one just last week. I don’t know why I wasn’t rockin’ ponchos on the regular much sooner, but alas, it’s taken until recently for me to truly appreciate them. I can’t believe how many outfits I’ve been able to create with my much loved mini ponchos collection. I think I can officially call it a collection at this point. Haha!

So, let’s talk about how I’m wearing said ponchos. For the most point, I pretty much have poncho uniform if there is such a thing. It consists of a poncho, skinny jeans and boots. It’s as simple formula that works every time. Nothing beats the proportions of a flowy top worn with fitted bottoms. Ponchos can really overwhelm your body, so be careful what you pair them with! I know they can seem a bit scary, but when styled right, they can be super flattering.

plaid poncho

As you can see, my plaid poncho is quite voluminous, yet doesn’t look overwhelming thanks to the sheer tightness of my jeans. BWAH!


Don’t forget to go bold…Ponchos already make kind of a bold statement on their own, but add a bold print and you’ll really get noticed!

poncho (1)

And you can’t go wrong by topping an all black look off with a poncho. It’s a super easy way to make sure your poncho gets center stage.


Now that you’ve seen what I’ve been obsessing over, please pay a visit to our Monday Mingle partners in crime, Momtrends and Thirty Something Fashion, to see what they’ve been wearing. But first, add your own style posts to our link up below!

poncho (2)

And in case you missed last week…Check out my latest love poem to the poncho!


  1. rachel says

    I love me a good poncho, they are so great to throw on and make an instant statement. Yours are all so perfect. I think i have one super similar to your plaid one that i must dig out and style.
    Thanks so much for hosting!

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