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Jake’s Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn photography

I can hardly believe it, but Jake is already one month old.  Maybe it’s because I am a bit of a walking zombie, but this past month has flown by at lightning speed.  And the squishy sweet newborn stage goes by so fast, in just a few weeks really, with every day bringing on new growth and abilities that are amazing to witness.  It’s hard not to want to cling to every little moment or facial expression in an effort to create a lasting memory.  Knowing I’m a bit sentimental (first understatement of the year) and that we would be exhausted (second understatement of the year), while I was still pregnant I booked a photographer Megan Russell to come and take pictures of Jake one week after birth.  The way Megan and other newborn photographers work is that you book them in advance based on an approximate due date.  Then once you’ve had the baby you call to schedule the session around days 5 through 10.  Some friends asked why I even bothered since I have a husband who is quite handy with a camera.  But I knew that we would be dog tired and not patient or experienced enough with newborns to get the shots I wanted to remember for a lifetime.

Megan was so great and easy to work with.  She came to my house, set up her props and work space in a corner with good light, and was amazingly gentle with our little man.  He slept through most of the session and for me it was a welcome break to sit down and relax while she took over.

Here are some of my favorite shots although there are so many it is extremely hard to choose.  And while each blog post, errand, even a shower may now take me three times as long to accomplish, looking at these pictures reaffirms just how truly awesome this experience is and well worth the sleepless nights!

Newborn photography

Newborn photography


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