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Meg Cohen Design Shop, A Hidden Soho Jewel

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I don’t normally hold out on you all like this but I’ve been keeping a little secret in my back pocket for a while now and its time to come clean. Remember back in August when I went to New York City? While I was there I discovered a little shop that I loved and didn’t tell you about. Oh sure I had great intentions to spread the word, but you see I had bought these special herbs there and just hadn’t had a chance to use them and get the full seal of approval. After all, I would never tell you about it unless I really thought you should go and it was worth the trek! And oh boy, is it ever worth it!

Meg Cohen Design Shop
(photo from the New Yorker)

The shop is Meg Cohen Design Shop and it sits on a sweet side street in Soho (59 Thompson St. near Spring).  While I was there I had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting with Meg Cohen herself.  She was lovely, as was all her to die for cashmere, her specialty! Unfortunately for me it was Sunday afternoon and I had well blown my weekend shopping budget, so no cashmere for me (boo).  However, tucked among all that great cashmere was other fab hand picked finds such as vintage cuff links, over sized baskets and old key necklaces (love)!  Of course what caught the inner foodie in me was this…

Herbs de Provence

Now sure, you might be thinking, “Geeze Meg, you spent $20 on a jar of herbs?!” and I would say to you, “Ah but these are not any herbs, they are Fleur de Sel aux Herbes de Provence! And a big jar at that!” And I’m sure that would clear it all up, ha.  What is Fleur de Sel aux Herbes de Provence (say that 5 times fast!) exactly?  It’s an amazing blend of sea salt and herbs including lavender, thyme, rosemary and more, straight from the countryside of France.  It supposedly can add depth and flourish to almost any dish.  I really wasn’t a believer in the stuff until I tried.  Being unsure I sprinkled some on my eggs last weekend for breakfast.  Wowzer!  These eggs were quickly the best eggs I’ve ever had!  They went from zero to hero in 3 seconds flat!  Next up I plan on trying these bad boys to season a roast and really I don’t see how I can go wrong.  If you don’t have access to a store that sells Herbes de Provence, or if you grow your own herbs, why not create your tasty mixture?

So long story short, yes, the next time in NYC, I will be definitely be stopping by Meg Cohen’s shop, this time hopefully saving some dough for a little cashmere something, and if all else fails restocking up on my new foodie staple!  How about you?  Any great gourmet treats that add a lot of zest?  I’m all ears and up for anything?!


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