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3 Must Try Problem Solvers for Moms

Raise your hand if you want to get the skinny on some of our favorite problem solvers for moms. As a mama, what are some of the challenges you face that really drive you crazy? Is time management your crux? Does walking that work/family life balance tightrope test your patience? Trust me. I’ve been there! We all have. And as I’m sure you’ve guessed, that’s just what I’m going to talk about today…problem solvers for moms. I may not be able to solve all your problems, but I do have 3 problem solvers that just may be game changers. They are probably more surface level than some of our other problem solving topics, but they address challenges all us busy mamas face from skin issues to ill fitting undergarments! We want you facing your day with full confidence! And we promise these tips can help you do that…

Must Try Problem Solvers for Moms

1. The Bra Problem: Ok, let’s talk bras. The older we get, the more of a pain they become. Am I right? It can be tricky to find just the right bra that gives you just the right amount of support and lift. And let’s not even mention the cost. If you do update your bra collection fairly regularly and you don’t use the same old bras for forever and a day (please stop doing that if you are, bwah) things can get pretty pricey.

Well, get ready lovelies, because I’m about to blow your mind. Have you heard about the Bra Bridge? This handy dandy little problem solver can be clipped to your bra for extra support and cleavage (if you want it). You can also use it to reduce that pesky side boob problem. Did I mention you can say goodbye to sagging?! We all have those super comfy bras that we don’t want to give up, but they could do more in the support department. The Bra Bridge fixes that! Also, by bringing the twins inward, you’ll look slimmer. I’ll take it! Just sayin’. I included a photo of how it works above. No, that’s not me. BWAH!

Wait, that’s not all! Get 15% off your own Bra Bridge order with the discount code: GIRLPOWER 

Save Your Clothes

2. The Deodorant Problem: What’s worse than putting on your favorite dress or top and looking in the mirror to find those dreaded white streaks? Deodorant residue is the pits (pardon the pun). But heading out of the house without deodorant is simply not an option…It’s not an option for this girl anyway. And that’s why I’ve tried a million and one different deodorants over the years. I think my testing days might be over however…

dove invisible dry spray

I actually recently I tested out a new deodorant and it’s a winner! You’ve probably seen the Dove Invisible Dry Spray commercial where women are asked to pick out a piece of designer clothing for keeps, but they have to spray it with the Invisible Dry Spray. It’s not just a gimmick folks. It works. It really works! It’s invisible. Plain and simple. So, the next time you rock your go-to little black dress you can do so without a thought to whether your deodorant is going to wreck the look!

Must Have Beauty

3. The Skin Problem: My guess is that, much like this mama, you haven’t been out in the sun much yet this season. And I live in Florida. Haha! The fact of the matter is, I’ve been religiously protecting my skin for ages and that means living with my naturally pale complexion. Sure, I’ll slap on some bronzer or self tanner when I’m in the mood, but I’ve worked really hard on accepting my skin tone as is. That being said, I don’t just let my pale self walk around without brightening things up at least a little bit.

red door red lipstick

And that’s where a bright lipstick comes into play. Pick a lippie that goes well with your skin tone whether that’s a bright red, pink or even coral. I’m partial to all three hues myself, but I’m really loving the Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Red Door Red. Not only is it a gorgeous color, but it’s very hydrating. Chapped lips are a whole other problem. Snort. This DIY lip scrub can help with that. See? I told you we’re here to help!

must have problem solvers for moms

Even More Problem Solvers for Moms

And now that you’ve seen some of our favorite problem solvers for moms, I thought you might want to check out a few more tried and true tips. For some great time saving product recs, for example, head over and pay a visit to our friend Kirsten! Some of our beauty faves are in there too. The self heating charcoal mask she recommends is too cool. It’s definitely faster than most face masks. And you can see some more of our top tips for moms below.

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  1. Teacups and Fairy Tales says

    These are great life hacks to help mom solve her problems. I love the bra clip. I try to buy 2 new bras every 6 months. but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect one. I like the idea that these clips can help.

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