Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Once upon a time I was expecting my second child, a girl, dreaming about mother daughter date ideas. You see, my mom always made sure we spent special quality time together and I made that a priority with my son after he was born and then my daughter when she came along. That being said, there are certain activities that my baby girl enjoys more than her brother. Going out for a sweet treat is definitely one of them. Like her mama, my daughter has a bit of a sweet tooth, so I knew she was the perfect partner in crime to take along for a visit to Le Macaron. It might be one of my favorite mother daughter date ideas yet! She actually tasted her first macaron when she was a toddler and there was no going back. Whereas her brother found a box that a dear friend had sent me and proceeded to smash each and every precious cookie. EEEK!

le macaron

Mother Daughter Date Ideas to Try

Le Macaron has been one of our favorite spots to score macarons since it opened in our area. And little did I know it actually started as a family business right here in Florida! Since I love supporting local businesses, it thrilled me to no end that my patronage had been helping a Florida based mother daughter duo all along. I also didn’t realize that they offer up other tasty treats beyond their namesake macaron. You can see my lil’ lady bean was partial to their chocolate (who wouldn’t want to nosh on a beautiful chocolate Eiffel Tower) and she didn’t have any problem sampling their oh so creamy French gelato either. Haha! I admit, I may have sampled more than a few goodies myself while sipping on my steaming hot cuppa java. Yes, they serve coffee too! Can you think of a better spot for a mother daughter date?! Me either! We had a blast enjoying our treats and catching up on the latest and greatest in kindergarten news.

mother daughter date ideas

And Le Macaron is also a great place to score a surprise for someone special. Their new boxes are just gorgeous and would make a lovely gift. Mother’s Day is coming up, ahem. Don’t worry. Even if you don’t have one in your area you can order their tasty handmade confections online! With 20 flavors to choose from you might have some trouble narrowing things down, but trust me when I say you can’t go wrong no matter which flavors you go with. I’m partial to Columbian Coffee, Sicilian Pistachio and Black Currant myself, but like I said, every single macaron I’ve tasted has been delightfully delectable. And in case you want a kiddo’s take on things, my daughter gobbled up the bubble gum flavor in no time flat. Haha!

un mother daughter date ideas

More Family Fun Ideas

Now if you decide to take my advice and pay a visit to your local  Le Macaron, you may want to work in a little playground time. I find that bedtime goes better if I let her run it out for a bit before we go home. Bwah! And for more quality time that goes beyond mother daughter date ideas that require leaving the house, check out our indoor beach party. It’s perfect for those days when it’s still cold or rainy outside and everyone is going stir crazy!

We were not paid for this post. We did receive samples to taste.

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