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My Favorite Summer Swimsuits for Playing

Here are the facts. I have a long torso. I’m really fair skinned with a family history of skin cancer. Overall I’m pretty modest and I definitely like to play with my two young kids outside. So what does that mean exactly? And to be more specific, what does that mean for my bathing suit?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my vacation with my husband or the girls weekend in Cabo (can we make this one happen?!) bathing suits were different than the ones I wanted to chase waves and make sand castles in. The bathing suit that bares more perfectly spray tanned skin and looks great holding a glass of rose’ is in fact not the suit I want to wear for water balloons with the neighborhood kids.

And that’s ok. I applaud and bow down in amazement at any of you who can comfortably do a cannonball in a bikini. It just ain’t me. And I’m going to keep shouting Cannonball! as long as I’m able to run, jump and make a huge splash.

So I need separate suits. And if you are like me I thought I would share my favorite summer swimsuits for playing. The gear that keeps my tummy in and my freckles hidden safely from the sun.

My Favorite Summer Swimsuits for Playing

swimsuits for playing on the beach

First is the J. Crew One Piece. I have found their one piece suits to be a great way to look chic while still being able to walk around freely. They have enough support for the “girls” and even this one shoulder option is comfortably worn. Overall I think it looks great and love the nautical vibe it gives off.

Next up is Lands End. You know we adore this brand and I am a forever fan solely because they have so many great long torso options.  Tankini’s also work great and the quality means you get more than one swim season out of them. This halter suit is especially flattering and has a cute cutout in the back. I love styling it on the go. Basically that means I throw on shorts and flip flops and walk to the pool. No additional cover-up needed!

Finally my beloved swim tee. The history of skin cancer in my family is pretty intense. And my backyard gets a crazy amount of direct sun. I’ve started throwing this swim tee on over a bikini and just tying it to the side. Sure it isn’t the sexiest thing to swim in but my kids don’t care. Like at all. And I keep my arms and chest, two pretty typical skin cancer trouble areas, protected. When I travel to beach towns I also style it and wear it around town for extra SPF coverage.

Of course there are so many great options but here are three that I’m wearing this summer. I’ve also linked to a few others below. And if you see me wearing one of these while making some epic sandcastles in Rehoboth this summer come say hey!

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