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Delicate Jewelry and Nautical Vibes

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are all my own.

Living in Annapolis, Maryland means we take our nautical looks very seriously. With sailing being a way of life,  there is no shortage of that classic American style. For this summer look, I opted for delicate jewelry and nautical vibes. It’s a look that can be recreated easily and the Nancy B jewelry is the perfect compliment to it!

Delicate Jewelry and Nautical Vibes Look

Nautical Day Look

The easiest way to start off a nautical look is with white jeans. I especially love wearing them in the summer months and they just have a crisp clean feel. I bought this navy blouse from J. Crew factory and while it’s no longer available, a simple navy blouse from Banana Republic is the perfect pairing. It’s one of those pieces in my closet I go to again and again.

For shoes, I still love these light brown wedges from Target from last year. It’s so nice when what feels like a trendy purchase makes it through a few seasons.

Delicate Jewelry and Nautical Vibes

Ok now let’s talk about this gorgeous delicate jewelry I’m wearing. It’s two pieces layered together from Nancy B. I adore this jeweler! Everything is made from quality metals at their factory in Rhode Island. I just love the modern yet feminine vibe. I’m at the point where I would rather have a few good quality pieces that I wear again and again then lots of less quality accessories. And wow would I ever be happy with a few good Nancy B. pieces and little else!

You can find Nancy B jewelry at fine jewelry stores near you, just use their store locator. In addition to these necklaces there is also a pair of large gold hammered hoops that I’m drooling over. I think that is going to have to be next jewelry purchase!

Delicate Jewelry and Nautical Vibes

Nancy B Jewelry

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If you’re into this nautical vibes look, here’s an easy way to recreate it for yourself!


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