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New Front Entryway Look

We’ve been pretty busy around the house lately and surprisingly it’s not all candy canes and stocking stuffers!  One major project that we chose to outsource rather than tackle DIY style is our front entryway.  I love a good project, but this one was just too big for us to do right on our own.  From the day we moved in it has bothered us that there wasn’t a clear path to the front door for guests.  Often, with cars parked in the driveway you had to weave around them or step over bushes to get to the front steps.

It was a little scary to let go and watch as the front yard was uprooted.

But it was well worth the fear of the unknown!  I am loving the new steps and walkway.  The stone compliments the colors of the house and I just love watching guests as they walk up the pathway.

Now I just need to finish decorating our new front entryway for the holidays!


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